Friday, 28 December 2018

My Goal For 2019

Now I don’t usually buy in to this ‘New Year New Me’ as it makes me feel somewhat nauseous at the levels of cringe it induces in the very pit of my soul, however since writing in a daily journal I have realised it might be slightly less cringe to have some goals to work towards than what I usually thoughts.
Whilst it’s quite easy to put things like “feel better about myself” or “make more of an effort”, it actually took a lot of self reflection on a brutal level to address the below. It’s no secret that I have had the worse year ever in 2018, and various hospital appointments and tablets meant me going to the gym was way off of my priority list – so far off that I’m glad Virgin Active don’t send you a ‘year in review’ of how many times this year you’ve been because I’d be crying in to my bank statement for the foreseeable.
For those of you that are new here or may have stumbled stumbled across my blog through googling “Goal setting new year” (SEO optimisation, take a bow), I have a twin sister who is very fashionable and put together. I’m pretty sure her going to the shops for some milk is more glamourous than I look whilst at work or going out for casual drinks. You ever see those girls in bars or on Instagram who look so well put together that you want to punch them in the face and steal their wardrobe in the night? Yep, that’s my twin. I refuse to stand next to her in full body photos as I look more like Mr Potato Head than the individual that came out of the womb at the same time as her. Chalk and cheese. Black and white.
I’ve decided that 2019 is going to be the year of big positive change for me, and I am #GirlDoneGood’ing it for the foreseeable. Last year I set some unrealistic goals which saw me sat in the bath with a bottle of wine eating Cadbury chocolate and watching Master Chef by February, sacking off the gym and my regime with glee – this is not happening this year, no sir.

1. Less talking more action 
I like to set a good goal. Or a plan. Or a list. I just don’t like sticking to them. I am notorious for going to the supermarket with the best intention written down on the notes in my phone and quickly veering off to a promotional stand in the supermarket when I see Pringles are reduced to £1 (bargain though, am I right??). I am also the queen of not documenting said Pringle consumption in my MyFitnessPal app once I’ve finished scoffing down half the tube whilst watching Call The Midwife and stalking social media for #CleanEating
In steps : less talking more action. It is my aim for 2019 to keep my mini victories to myself and actually do what I’m planning to do. I have a gym regime which I can stick to when I’m motivated, but the first spot of rain and I decide “that’s it I can’t get off the bus” – my gym is indoors, the rain doesn’t stop it from opening, major bullsh*t. 

2. Make more effort 
I love sleep. I love sleep nearly as much as my dog which I love a lot and would step in front of a bullet for him. Due to the above, I have decided that the ridiculous notion of me going to the gym before work (something I tell myself after I’ve bailed on going the previous evening) is just never going to happen during winter. The disappointment I feel in myself when I don’t go in the morning is palpable as I get ready and gets worse when I see people entering work in their cycling kits, smugly drinking on a protein shake. 
I’m going to make an effort to make a sensible structure to my life, and stick to something a lot less harsh than what I was penning in 2018 – did I really hate myself that much? Damn! 

3. More self-love
I am my own worst critic, and when something goes wrong I will sit and mull it over with grim determination to not make that cock up again. I recently heard a saying that would you speak in the same tone as you speak to yourself to a child? The answer is no, and I’m trying to adopt this more gentle approach with myself. 
I’ve decided to stop cancelling on my ‘me time’ in order to please others, and I am working through a routine at the minute of ways to wind down after a stressful day that don’t revolve around a bottle of wine and drunkenly ringing my best friend who lives in The Hague to tell her about how awful my day was. 
I had a few empty drawers in my bedroom after my recent house move, and I’m now dedicating one of these empty drawers to a ‘self love’ drawer (not one of those types of self love drawers, you dirty people), full of face masks, snacks, nice quotes and things which make me smile, like messages from my nan who is the apple of my eye. 

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff 
I am a huge over thinker, and this can often lead me to wide awake in bed at an ungodly hour thinking back to something I did a month and a half ago which haunted me. Usually, this is something so minor that it wouldn’t bother anyone else, but there I am, mulling it over in mind to the point I feel my heart racing. 
Whilst everything else is pretty straight forward, I think this is going to be a longer term commitment of mine to let go of the things that shouldn’t be bothering me anywhere near as much as it should – if it doesn’t matter in a years’ time, don’t sit and think on it a minute longer. 

5. Consistent content 
I’m very fortunate that a while ago, my daily visits to this blog sky rocketed after an article I posted on cervical cancer went semi viral on social media. 
Before this, I would sporadically write as and when the feeling took me; which was becoming less and less. However, after writing that one post I realised my interest in writing had returned and I found myself doodling ideas on to my phone and in my notebook ready to tackle drafting a full piece at a later date. 
I am hoping 2019 will be the year I can make the content I post on here and my social media a lot more streamlined and in synch, and hopefully continue to engage with as many people as possible.

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