Monday, 31 December 2018


Scientists say that it it takes 66 days to form a habit, which is weird since it definitely didn’t take me 66 days to form the habit of eating half a tube of Pringles in one sitting most evenings.

In 2018, Gymshark released #Gymshark66 which saw thousands of individuals participating for the chance to better themselves and win a years worth of gym kit from Gymshark. 
I watched all of this unfold over social media from the sidelines , too daunted to throw my hat in to the ring with the super toned and super well followed on social media. That all changed for me when the winner was announced however, and it wasn’t a God like social media guru who won , but a girl I could actually relate too. 
Of course, there was some backlash to this decision with the ego driven demanding to know why their mate Tom who smashed his PB in bench press and cut down on #CheatMeals didn’t win. I , however, was bloody thrilled with the winner and decided I may as well have a go this year. 
I am not the fittest, I much prefer sitting down with a glass of wine over group boxing and I refuse to swap basmati rice for cauli-rice , but what I do have is determination. Back in 2007 I had a horse riding accident which left me with a shattered career dream of joining the army or being a professional sprinter, and with an even more shattered body. I attacked physio with reckless enthusiasm, always demanding to know how I could ‘get better’ quicker, something which my surgeon had to repeatedly tell me I would never fully achieve due to the scale of injuries which meant as soon as it gets cold I limp, and my hips would often dislocate until a super surgeon reconstructed them both on a clinical trial. 
Couple all of this with a cancerous cells diagnosis back on july 12th and I became the perfect breeding ground for someone to have every excuse in the world to avoid exercising for the majority of this year. I became someone who would go home straight after work and stare blankly at my tv instead whilst deciding which ready meal to grab. 
Last year I ran the Leeds 10K for charity and the structure and the fact I bloody had to go and prep myself so that I didn’t embarrass myself in front of thousands of people saw me religiously tying up my laces and heading out for a run covered in Factor 50 whilst listening to Kanye West and One Direction. 
I am under absolutely no illusion that I will win this thing, but then again neither was Eddy the Eagle and look what he went on to achieve with a bit of determination. 
It’s always good to have some targets to measure up against, so throughout the course of these 66 days I will be: 

Sign up to Leeds 10K 
As previously mentioned above, this gave me a structure to my exercise which I desperately needed so I’m hoping that this will set the year off in the right direction, and I can hopefully go under the 1 hour mark in 2019. 

Rejoin gym classes 
At the start of 2018 I became one of those smug spin goers who loudly declared how many calories they were able to burn through 45 minutes of hell (seriously, who was I??), however the heatwave of June and July saw me ditching the spin classes in favour of drinks by the canal, and my anxiety over not being good enough returned. 
Spinning is actually one of the only forms of cardio I enjoy (mostly because it’s over bloody quickly and I can pretend I’m in the Tour De France at the back of the room), so I’m hoping resuming this once a week will improve my lung capacity and help build up my leg muscles. 

Commit. Commit. And commit again. 
I’ve already set out a little exercise plan for when I set foot back in the gym on January 1st to keep me motivated and keep me committed. I don’t really believe in weighing myself due to muscle mass and fat mass but what I do believe in is progress pics and hitting PB’s in exercises, so i’m going to be chasing both of these with abundant enthusiasm, similar to when I told my dentist I now floss. 

And there we have it, this is me, Francesca, officially putting my hat in the ring for 66 days of spinning, commiting and hopefully seeing a few results along the way. 


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