Sunday, 4 November 2018

25 Things I Learnt By The Time I Was 25

1.      ‘Use it or lose it’ turns out to actually be a very valid quote. I sauntered back in to the gym after a month out and nearly shattered a knee cap trying to leg press something I had previously found simple. Not today Satan, not today. Ego 0 – leg press 1
2.      You do actually need to have a skincare routine to stop your skin turning to shit – who knew??
3.      My Nan was correct when she said I needed to invest in thermal leggings and vests for winter. Nan, I know you don’t even really know how the internet works, but if you see this:  you were right, I was wrong, and my Southern bones salute you.
4.      People are shit, in general. With their phones. With communication. With what they mean.
5.      Everyone is fighting their own inner battles, so try and be nice to them, even if they make you feel like sticking your face in a blender after speaking to them.
6.      If someone wants you in their life, they’ll make the effort.
7.      No message is also a message.
8.      Turns out the age old “you need to eat five portions of fruit & veg a day” isn’t just a mild suggestion cobbled together by a few vegetable wielding scientists. I’ve started to read in to the health benefits of various types of vegetables, something which picky 18 year old me would’ve turned her nose up at.
9.      Stop using single use plastic. Seriously, stop.
10.   Cosmetic surgery is addictive, and it’s only when you step back from the string of appointments that you can see how down the rabbit hole of chasing perfection that you can go.
11.   Social media is not real. The celebrities you aspire to look like don’t even look like what they do in their photos, so stop admiring them and focus on your own shit.
12.   It is important to take time out for your mental health as much as it is to take time out for a physical injury. Buy a candle, invest in a nice face mask and enjoy a Ted Talk whilst sitting in a very hot bubble bath with a (large) glass of wine.
13.   It is possible to catch ‘the running bug’ after training for one 10k. It isn’t wise, however, to decide that one successful 10k means you can then run a marathon.
14.   Good friends are essential. Find your tribe, hold on to them.
15.   It is important to ask “are you okay?” if you think someone is struggling. Start the conversation.
16.   Cervical cancer screening appointments are a life saver – literally. I should know. Ladies, stop being embarrassed and bloody go.
17.   You don’t have to agree with everyone on everything.
18.   Stop doing things you don’t enjoy. Yoga? Not for me. Did I struggle through multiple classes because it was the ‘in thing’ to do? God yes.
19.   River Island do some sensational gel sole liners for your heeled shoes for when your feet are struggling – you can thank me later on these.
20.   Life isn’t all rainbows and ponies. Some days will just be shit. Some days will be boring.
21.   Some of your friends will be charging ahead of you in the #lifegoals set up. I am basically the only single person left in my friendship group, whilst most my friends live with their significant other. One of my friends is even getting married and I am maid of honour – I felt great joy at this until I saw the cost and pricings for said weddings and I’ve decided I will forever be alone because I don’t have 20k to put away in to a wedding.
22.   Not everyone will like you, but that’s okay.
23.   Investing in yourself is important. Take the stairs, get off the bus a stop early, buy that expensive moisturiser and feel no shame in doing it.
24.   There are, in fact, multiple variations of a lightbulb, something which I didn’t realise until I was trying to shoehorn the wrong bulb in to the fixture. I’d like to say this is a metaphor for some deep and philosophical wider meaning of life, but it isn’t.
25.   ‘Worrying about something means you suffer twice”.