Tuesday, 5 June 2018

What's In My Gym Bag

I had many goals for 2018, and one of those goals was to start looking a bit more fashionable. I sat in front of my wardrobe on January 1st, slightly worse for wear whilst my bath was running, and assessed my clothes. What was making the cut, and what was getting cut? After a good 15 minutes of foggy pondering, I stood to leave and clapped eyes on my bag. 
Now, before anyone judges me, I wake up at 5:45 every morning for work, and my idea of stylish was getting in to my clothes and looking semi human. My 'gym bag' was a carrier bag, as I was uhhming and ahhing about buying a Sweaty Betty gym bag. If you don't know Sweaty Betty and their prices, lets just say they are the Prada of gym bags - as in, they cost an absolute bomb and you can't really tell why. 
I hit ASOS not long after, and bought this modest yet practical Scuba Holdall  for £28 - bargain. 
Now that I have a snazzy bag, I can finally unveil a 'what's in my gym bag' without trying to get shots of an ASDA bag. 
The first lot out of my gym bag are the two pieces of kit that I can't live without, and get severe stress when I see the battery key flashing on my Polar watch. I've had the M400 for about three years now, and it's safe to say i've had my moneys worth. It's starting to become a bit too clunky for my needs now, and I'm beginning to look for my next upgrade, however the fitness part of the watch is still fantastic. I have seperate profiles for weight lifting, cardio, outdoor running, spinning and swimming - oh and badminton, for when I do it twice a month with work. The GPS on my watch comes in handy for my 10k training as it'll split my miles down by average pace and how much effort i'm putting in to each mile, which is a massive bonus when I'm dawdling along at a pace that most people on mobility scooters could overtake me with. 

The next two on my hitlist are slightly less glamourous, however I got in to a routine of exercising before work which meant these were an essential. If you've not used Mitchum deodrant before, then I'm assuming you live under a rock. When it says 48 hour protection, it damned well means it and then some. It's slightly more expensive than other brands at around £3 a bottle, but I have a heavy stockpile going on which will last me until quite possibly 2020. I'm obsessed with the Love Spell Lace edition of the Victorias Secret body spray, and will spritz some of this on as I'm running out of the gym to catch my bus to work. Unlike some other body mists, the VS ones last all day without turning to an 'off' smell that you can get with a few brands. The bottles last me absolutely ages, and I get complimented on them quite often which is a bonus. 
The next essential in my bag is a water bottle and some hand sanitiser. Everyone at work rolls their eyes at me as I liberally apply my hand sanitiser multiple times a day, and I'm quite glad they don't see me in the gym otherwise I wouldn't hear the end of it. I get it, you're in a rush after you're finishing your cross trainer workout because something on the TV distracted you - fine, great. What isn't fine, and definitely isn't great, are the individuals that don't clean down the equipment they were using after sweating over it for 45 minutes - even typing it makes me shudder. My water bottle also comes everywhere with me, and I will make sure I have a bottle in my bag before I leave as I'd rather keel over from dehydration than drink from the water fountains in the gym - yuck.

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