Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Review // Gymshark Slounge Wear

Ah Gymshark, my seemingly favourite brand if you look at my blog. Half my sport wardrobe is sectioned off to Gymshark, and I was beyond gleeful when I saw their campaign for the Slounge Wear collection. 
The collection comes / came (selling out seems to be Gymsharks mantra, which can only really be expected when everyone wants a piece of the action) in three colours, and I'll be honest when I say the colour I got was the last one I wanted. I logged in to the site four minutes after the release and was shocked to see the other two colours (grey and taupe) had already sold out in my size. 
I had seen several of the athletes advising to size down to stop the material from going baggy, so I opted for an XS and checked out. 
The Slounge leggings came to £28, which seemed pretty reasonable so I handed over my card details (again) and waited impatiently for the glossy grey package to land on my work desk (again - seriously postmen, don't judge my growing Gymshark delivery quota). Thankfully I wasn't waiting too long for the parcel to arrive and I rushed home to whack them on and give them a full test out.
The pro's are that they are incredibly comfy, flattering and are actually pretty squat proof (I wouldn't wear these to the gym, but if I ever wanted to then, you know, I could). I really like the subtle Gymshark tag on the side which is pretty understated for them, and I can confirm they are the ultimate lazy Sunday purchase.
I didn't realise these weren't full length when I purchased them so I was quite surprised when my pasty white ankles were on show in these, however I have decided to #OwnIt and have done many hungover supermarket trips in these and as far as I can tell, no one has judged the ankle situation thus far. 
A size XS on me is a bit snug on the waist (I'm a S in all other clothes, and a size 8 in jeans for reference), but I'm expecting them to loosen off after a few wears an washes. 
Overall I'm very happy with this purchase and it makes a nice change to the Gymshark line to having something a bit more casual within their collection. However having said this, will I ever stop buying the most garish coloured leggings that Gymshark have to offer me? Absolutely not. 

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