Thursday, 3 May 2018

My May Goals

(My first goal is to think of catchy slogans for my upcoming posts). 

Ah May, the month of bank holidays, semi decent weather and all of your neighbours mowing their lawns (shoutout to my landlord who does mine, you're the best). The evenings are getting longer and the after work drinks sitting in the sun are becoming harder to turn down 'i'm only coming for one', 'go on, another won't hurt', 'has anyone seen my bag?'. 
I felt a certain sense of relief when I hit May. I've secured somewhere to live until I eventually buy my own house, I'm starting to get back in to a routine with my exercise and I'm no longer waking up wondering if I've slept through world destruction and woken up in a new Ice Age. 
May is also the month of my first set of goals for the next 30 days. I often work best with having a long list of things to do, and feel incredibly smug when I tick them off with a neon yellow highlighter.

1. To be consistent
In work, blogging and exercise. For the past three weeks I've gone to the gym once a week, magically conjuring up a reason each evening as to why I couldn't go straight from work - oh no, i'm wearing the wrong trainers. Oh dear, I missed the bus which will mean I'm 10 minutes later than usual. My usually decent eating habits have taken a back burner as I've grazed my way through enough tubes of Pringles to start owning a share in the company. Then there's this ; the blog. My child. Which I've neglected (sorry). 
At the start of 2018 I vowed to upload content once a week on a Monday to coincide with my one rest day on a working week. Yeah, neither of those happened. My 'rest day' has become a rest week, and I frequently curse myself when I get tired running up the stairs at work. 
I've spent more time watching Suits than I have furthering my blog, and I am starting to switch back to a more focused approach to my little space on the internet. 

2. To have more 'me' time 
This may be a contradiction to the above, where I told you I spent a lot of time eating Pringles and watching Suits, but I am making an effort to have more 'me' time. 
Most evenings you will find me looking through social media, tagging my twin in Facebook posts or keeping up to date with my social media crushes through the medium of Instagram. I am a massive lover of my bath at home, and I have started slotting in more time of sitting in a bath with a good book instead of sitting in my towel and scrolling social media. 
Basically, I need to get the f. off of social media at every moment, and found myself rolling my eyes at a girl opposite me in a restaurant who was leaving her food to go cold so that she could take a better photo for social media. 

3. To be better with my finances
Like most millenials, I am currently saving for a house which is no small feat. There are fees upon fees, and checklist after checklist on my 'want / need' list. 
I've had meetings with mortgage advisors, and I've started to pull together an Excel sheet of all of my spending to try and figure out where I'm losing my hard earned funds (possibly Pringles. Pringles I'm looking at you). 
I have become incredibly bored of renting over the past year, and now that my long term housemate is moving down South, I am more determined than other to make my own nest which doesn't involve sharing my cutlery and frying pans (I'm OCD, what can I say??).

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