Monday, 12 March 2018

The problem with social media is...?

If you asked ten people what their biggest gripe with social media is, you will probably get five different answers, minimum. ‘Fake’ people, false advertising, Photoshop, the answers are endless.
I have previously mentioned my gripe with people selling stuff on social media, and people selling ‘skinny’ teas which make you sit on the toilet for two hours praying for it to end are definitely high on the list. That is my general gripe.
But, as this is a fitness blog and I haven’t done a fitness post in a while, this is about my biggest gripe in the fitness world; unqualified people telling you unqualified things. Example? A Z lister trying to sell her young and impressionable followers ‘vitamins’ which will make them drop 3 dress sizes in two weeks. Now, unless she has discovered the holy grail of all fitness weight loss tactics, these followers will be paying for nothing more than what you can locate in your local Boots, but these tablets will most likely contain laxatives (see above about what these will leave you doing), which will make you drop water weight for a few days and dehydrate you senseless.
Next example? Meal guides (obviously, you also have to buy their ‘skinny’ shakes too) from another z-lister who was encouraging her fans to join her in a ‘detox’ before Christmas (FYI folks, your organs detox you , stop buying the detox juices. Put them down. Save yourself £5. You’re welcome). Now, not only is the idea of a detox outrageous, her calorie value for this was under 1000 calories a day. Less than 1000 calories. Not only will you be hungry, but you’ll be tired, sluggish and pile the weight back on as soon as you return to normal eating, thanks to your body thinking it was being starved. Dr Hazel Wallace is a fantastic advocate of calling out the bullshit, and I fully recommend anyone who doesn’t follow her should look up 1. Her and 2. Her book.
It’s not just has been celebrities who are peddling these things, but companies too. Step in Cute Nutrition, you hideous company you. Take a bow, and stay down. Cute Nutrition came under fire recently from Alice Liveing for encouraging their users to have, once again, less than 1,000 calories on their 2 shake and one (terrible) meal a day plan. A company was actually advocating starving yourself. If that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable that a company is encouraging us to starve ourselves so they can up the sale of their shakes, then I don’t know what will.
Not only did Cute Nutrition bury their ugly heads in the sand when they were first challenged on their guide, they then gave a very sarcastic response to Alice about nutrition. For those of you not in the know, Alice is a kick arse PT, who knows her thing on nutrition (follow her too for some inspiration ladies, she’s super). Not so cute now hey?
So, this is the crux of it. My issue with social media is; little to no knowledge being used as gospel. We live in a society whereby we can access social media at our fingertips, and surf to our hearts content whilst laying in bed, sitting on the bus going to work, or whilst in the gym (sorry Luke). We are so desperate to fit in to the new ‘normal’ that we would rather spend £30 to shit out all our fluids instead of approaching a professional and assessing how best we can improve our health for the long term.
Work in a building with several sets of stairs? Walk ‘em. Treat yourself to three chocolate biscuits with your cuppa? Drop it to one, or replace it with something a lil bit healthier, like my own homemade take on the Nakd bars
What you shouldn't do, however, is scroll through the fake reality that is social media looking for the next quick fix, which will just leave you needing to purchase toilet roll a hell of a lot quicker.

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