Monday, 5 March 2018

Little Steps To Save The Planet

Unless you've been living as a recluse this past 6 months, you will have seen a snippet of Blue Planet II floating around on the Internet / on your tv / in newspapers (David Attenborough call me, I love you). 
In one particularly harrowing episode, we saw the impact of plastic on our ocean and the animals which reside in it. Many animals in the sea have poor eyesight, and will end up swallowing bits of plastic whilst mistaking them for their food. Ever seen a rescuer trying to pull straws out of a turtles nostrils? Or seen a penguin wrapped up in stray plastic? It's not pretty, and it's given many people (including me) the kick up the backside that they needed to start reviewing how they can be planet warriors. Now, i'm not saying that you need to sign up to some extremist group which ties themselves to bits of the landscape, but below are some pretty simple steps to help save the planet, and the cute little animals which live in it. 

1. Re-use 
Our need for convenience has seen us wasting excessive amounts of plastic over the past decade, in the form of straws, plastic food boxes and plastic cups from various outlets. Starbucks are starting to roll out a charge on all plastic cups, and many places are starting to offer to fill up water bottles for people, instead of people buying several plastic bottles a week. 
I have recently converted from using plastic single use straws, to purchasing some re-usable ones off Amazon for a few pounds. The same goes for bottles; with places like TK-Maxx and Home Sense selling great metal bottles which look great and keep your water super cold for hours (David, please be impressed). 

2. Make use of the labels 
I get it, you're rushing around trying to cook dinner, with one eye on the clock to be able to sit down in time for your favourite tv show that you've been counting down to since the episode last week (or a few hours before, I'm not judging). 
There are several things that can (and can't) go in to that magical green bin that sits by the side of your house, and it's important to check the labels before throwing things in. 
And whilst you're there with throwing things in, make sure they're clean before they go in. Yes, that does mean rinsing off your turkey mince tub before trotting out in the dark in your pyjamas before parading the bin out for the bin men the next morning. 
Even if your green bin can't take the products, you may live near a recycling centre which takes more products. 
One of my earliest jobs from my mum was to take the glass bottles to the ASDA car park on a weekend morning, whilst awkwardly jumping to try and reach the correct holes in the container. If a teenage me can do it whilst in some disgusting Converse and hideous shorts, then you can too. 

3. Who turned out the lights?
You ever walk past an office block late at night and wonder who could possibly be working at that time? Or are the lights just on because they weren't turned off?
Whilst you may not be able to go in to the office block and turn out all those lights (you may get frowned upon by the security of the office if you try and do this, and I'm not responsible for this, folks), what you can do will save you some pennies as well as helping the planet. 
Light pollution is a strong factor in global warming, and it is something that we can make a massive difference in slowing down. 
Instead of leaving lights on, or dimmed, turn them out when you leave the room. I live in a townhouse, and will often cook my dinner in the kitchen in between running upstairs to binge watch my tv or draft blog posts. The downside? I would often leave the kitchen light on as I knew I would be back down in 20 minutes to check on my next creation in the oven (Gordon Ramsay, I love you too. You can also call me). 
I am also a massive candle hoarder, and I feel like I should probably own shares in The White Company by now. Now, it may be because work is super stressful and I enjoy the scent of 'wild mint' as much as the next person, but I have spent a lot of time recently lighting some candles to get me in the mood for the next murder series on Netflix. 

And there we have it, my top three tips on how you can start to help good old Mother Nature, and have a polar bear cheering you on in the process.

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