Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Under construction

For a while now I've been teetering around how to improve my blog and what I could do to make it a more engaging platform. 
Better content? Possibly. 
Better photos? Most definitely. 
A better layout? Absolutely. 
I'll admit coding isn't my forte, at school I could manage the basics of ICT and that was it. My previous blog layout was courtesy of my sister, which I watched her create with anticipation. 
As I've grown, I like to think that my blog has also grown, which meant a new, clearer layout was in order. 
So, this is your heads up, if bits of the blog are currently AWOL, or links are glitching, please bare with me whilst I work around creating a brand spanking new layout, along with brand new content - and hopefully some photos to boot.

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