Thursday, 29 December 2016

2016, a year in review

If you were to ask me right now how I felt 2016 had gone, I would say bloody awful given personal circumstances in my life. 
However, if you were to ask me how 2016 went in terms of achievements, goals met and experiences I have, well, experienced, then I would say amazing. 

First off, I finally had my right hip operated on and fixed. Back in January I slipped stepping out the shower and my already fragile hip didn't thank me for it - neither did my surgeon or the ortho surgeons in my local hospital. After months of tests, appointments and a general waiting game, my hip was finally seen to in August and I hope that it continues to improve long in to 2017 to allow me a chance to finally enjoy being back active again!

From a non-sporting aspect, I returned to my final year of university and have been offered a graduate scheme in a Top 4 firm for September 2017. I applied on a whim, never thinking I would get very far in my application. However, 4 months later (yes, really, 4 whole months) I was given the news by a very exciteable member of HR that I had got the job I had tried so hard for - needless to say I cried. And cried. And cried. 

I have tried new exercises this year such as Zumba, which only confirmed what I suspected that I had no sense of rhythm, started to swim again and found a personal trainer who understands my limitations and is helping me progress with strength in my core. 

I learnt not to go mad for a 50% off sale, as that usually means everyone else has gone mad for it too (Protein World, I'm looking at you). After multiple ignored emails, unanswered phone calls and a blog post later, I was finally reunited with the items I paid for, but I won't be making the same mistake twice!

I spent time away from the internet, going on holiday with my friends to a cottage where I spent more time lounging in the sun and playing terrible board games than I did looking at my phone. I learnt that hottubs make great hideouts from the rain, and that cooking meals for 10 people wasn't without its challenges. 

Cooking and healthy eating took more of a forefront in my life, swapping the KFC for chicken breasts from the butchers and sweet potatoes from the grocery store next door. For Christmas I have been given, and have purchased, several new cook books to trial out on my unsuspecting housemate. 

I learnt that my kitchen knives are no match for a butternut squash and that I actually rather enjoy eating vegetables - fruit is still going to be a work in progress. 


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