Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Now, before last week, I wasn't aware of what 'gradspo' was, nor was I that interested. However, that all changed after I worked graduation at my university last week as part of my placement year and saw all the girls parading around like show ponies in their beautiful dresses, shoes and gowns. 
I was amazed at how much effort they had gone to and just how incredible they looked. After about half an hour of admiring the dresses, it lead me to start thinking about my own graduation which, should hopefully, be this time next year.
What sort of dress did I want? What style? What colour? What shoes would I wear to make sure I didn't trip across the stage at one of the most important days of my life?
Naturally, this lead me on to thinking what I would look like in forms of my appearance this time next year, and I found it giving me a new sense of determination with my fitness.
As I type this, I am one day post op from a hip arthroscopy to my right hip to try and fix my years of problems after breaking my pelvis. As I type this, I am browsing several webpages for a graduation dress.
I now have a clear goal in my mind, to be 'gradspo' ready for this time next year, so that I feel at my best for the photos which will be hung up on the living room wall at my mums house and for crossing that stage, with 2000 people staring at me. 
The above photo is from my housemates black tie 21st, and I spent weeks in the gym and watching what I ate, but now I want to make it more than that - I want it to be a complete lifestyle change, so that I am not self conscious whilst looking at my figure in the mirror, and I'm not worried about what angle the camera catches me at. 
It'll be hard whilst in recovery, as my ability to move is somewhat limited for a while, but I have some fantastic new healthy eating books and lifestyle blogs to pass my time whilst recovering - graduation 2017, I am coming for you. 

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