Saturday, 9 July 2016

Review // Slender Blend strawberry

 *Disclaimer - Since receiving this product I have been aware of an ongoing dispute with Protein World about Slender falsifying the nutrional values of the Slender Blend, however the outcome of this has not been resolved yet. 

So! If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I am a very big fan of The Slender Blend in chocolate and banana flavour - yep, I love them. To me, they taste identical to a milkshake and manage to keep me full right up until lunchtime - win win right?
Well, fast forward to April 1st when Protein World had a 50% discount code for all of their products. Naturally, I was on their website quicker than I could reason with myself that I didn't need any more of the Slender Blend for a while. So, there I was, ordering a new flavour and eagerly awaiting its arrival... and I waited... and I waited. 
Now, I've never had a problem with delivery or shipping by Protein World, and never did I imagine that I would have to wait weeks for my order, nor did I imagine my order to arrive half fulfilled. 
This was my first stumbling block, trying to find a contact number for Protein World to ask where my missing items were. If you look for long enough, you can find their phone number - but be warned, nobody ever picks up. 
Eventually, about a month later after kicking up a fuss online, my missing items arrived, but many people were still waiting. 

Now that we've got the first downfall out the way, it's on to the product I was waiting for! As previously mentioned, I love the banana and chocolate flavour of this product, so was eager to start trying this flavour too - and boy, was a dissapointed. 
This flavour tastes very, very artificial and leaves a bitter aftertaste. In order to drink it, I have found found mixing greek yoghurt and some fruit helps perk up the flavour. I'm unsure if they've changed all the flavours, so I will be a bit cautious about ordering another product from them for a little while.
As mentioned above, Protein World are in a dispute about falsifying the nutritional value of the Slender Blend, but this, supposedly, is the nutrition per serving (4 scoops of the yellow scooper they provide you with). 
Overall, I am incredibly dissapointed with this product and have been using it just to try and get rid of it. With discount it came to around £16, but I would avoid ordering from Protein World in a promotion as I don't think they can keen up with demand!


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