Thursday, 19 May 2016

Planning, planning, planning

You know those mad people that tell you that on the weekend they’re up at the crack of dawn, have cleaned their entire home by 9am and had managed to put the world to rights by midday? That’s me, at least, that’s me Monday – Saturday.
You will often see me trotting to the gym before my 9-5 job and then sauntering home and in my pyjamas by 5:30. That’s just how I am, I much prefer getting things out of the way early, and then having some time to relax after.
Monday-Saturday everything is planned to a tee with at least one list on my desk, one list on my phone and one list in the diary by my bed. I am one of life’s planners, I need to know exactly what I need to do and when it needs doing by, no questions asked.
The same goes for my fitness regime. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I complete Kayla Itsines BBG Guide, Tuesday and Thursday I do 40 minutes of cardio and one day on the weekend I will do some gentle exercise. The night before, I will have my bag packed and my gym kit ready for me to hop in to in the morning to make the transitions that little bit easier for an earlier start – I’ve even started pre-preparing my breakfast the night before so that I can have as relaxed a start to the day as possible.
By planning, I find that I rarely, if ever, miss a deadline or forget to do something. This is definitely something I’ve had to learn at university juggling three separate modules, a job, exercise and a social life. Each morning I will write down what I need to complete in the day and work through the tasks, taking several breaks as I go, to make sure that all my tasks are done.
My housemates would often still be sleeping by the time I finished a nightshift in a nightclub, went to university, then the gym and then returned home before crashing in to bed. Planning and early starts aren’t for everyone, but my productivity is so much higher now I plan my days.

As I said above, Sunday is definitely my day away from planning and early starts, and I will often be found toddling round my flat in my pyjamas until midday – balance is most definitely key!

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