Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Promotional marketing - the good, the bad and the ugly // Protein World

A while ago I wrote a post raving about Protein World and their Slender Blend product which I had purchased – so far, so good. Fast forward to April 1st and I received an email from Protein World telling me about a 50% off code they had for the day.
I immediately found myself on their website adding things to my basket and my total after applying the code was £38. A short while later I received a confirmation email like clockwork and I waited eagerly for my order to arrive… and waited… and waited.  Two days after it was due to be delivered DPD finally arrived with my box and I opened it there and then, picturing all the great things I had ordered.
Only, my order, like so many others, arrived incomplete. Still, it could’ve been worse, several people had their item delivered empty or with the packaging ripped open and product everywhere. I checked my delivery note and the missing item was underlined in red, indicating that they knew full well that my order wasn’t correct.
A little irked, I sent a Facebook message and a tweet asking where my missing item was – you see, unless you hunt for quite a while, it’s very hard to track down their email address and their telephone is constantly engaged.
I emailed, sent tweets, Facebook messages and finally tried calling – all of which were met with a stone wall of silence, and it seems that I am not the only one. Their social media is currently plagued with unhappy customers and not a single message has been responded to by Protein World. As far as I can see, their customer service is non-existent and it looks quite simply like they couldn’t keep up with demand.
I get it, I work in a marketing department and am fully aware of promotional marketing, but this has spontaneously backfired for Protein World as many people are threatening legal action, opening cases with Paypal and their banks and are fighting tooth and nail to simply receive some sort of response from the company.

This morning I finally received a response to one of my tweets but I won’t be holding my breath for a response any time this week. Will it put me off ordering with them in the future? Yes, most likely. Has this tarnished their reputation? Yes, most certainly. 

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