Sunday, 3 April 2016

Little changes that will make a big difference

So for a while now i've been trying to address my biggest downfall on my healthy lifestyle quest - my eating. 
For most of my life, I refused to eat all fruit and most vegetables besides carrots or peas. Fast forward to now, when I'm 22, and my tolerance of vegetables have become a lot better but my fruit intake can still do with a bit of work. 
Whilst starting to incorporate berries in to my smoothies in the morning to up my fruit intake, I have also started to make small changes to my diet to try and push myself forward with healthy eating. 
One of my biggest overhauls in the past month or so has been what I'm drinking at the quantity of what I'm drinking. I used to drink around 6 cups of tea a day along with a few glasses of orange juice throughout the day at work when I felt thirsty - now I drink two cups of tea a day and have ditched the juice for bottles of water and slices of lemon. Whilst at work I sit near a water cooler and it's made it much easier to drink around 2 litres of water a day with extra at home. 
On the subject of drinking, I have started drinking almond milk in my smoothies as opposed to milk. Now, this is mostly down to curiosity about what almond milk tasted like as opposed to anything else, but I have to say, I really like it!
Nutella in porridge is an every day staple for me, but I've moved over to trying "choc shot" in my porridge instead. You can find this near the hot chocolate section in your local supermarket and costs about £3.50. I looked at the side of my Nutella jar and wished instantly thatI hadn't - who knew it had so much saturated fat?!
On the subject of chocolate, I now will often only eat dark chocolate, and the Lindt Hazelnut dark is an ultimate favourite of mine. Dark chocolate is better for you than milk and I also find that I need less of it to be satisfied, unlike milk or white!
 My final two changes have been to replace white rice for brown, and potatoes for sweet potatoes. These have both been very simple changes for me and I find that brown rice tastes very similar to white, it just takes a bit longer to cook! I

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