Monday, 11 January 2016

2016 January/February goals

Already, I have found the gym, and my Instagram feed, full of 'new year new me' posts and images of super toned women/men who make you want to put down the cake in your hand.
Instead of having my goal of 'a dream body' I decided to break it down in to more manageable tasks which will contribute towards the 'bigger picture'. 
1. Complete the weeks 1-8 of Kayla Itsines BBG guide 

Some of you may remember my review on the BBG guide over Summer. I fell 'off the wagon' and stopped doing it, however I have regretted it ever since. Seriously, I'm annoyed I stopped. Because of this I have begun #TheKaylaMovement which sees the BBG Guide participants starting simultaneously on the same day - today. I have completed the first day and to quote Ed Sheeran, my legs don't work like the used to before!
2. Drink more water 
 I am terrible for forgetting to drink enough fluids throughout the day. It wasn't until recently when I began to get bad headaches that I began to wonder why. The answer? Barely drinking throughout the day and sitting at my desk ploughing through marketing work. Ever since the new year I have begun to make a conscious effort to up my fluid levels and I'm already feeling the benefit - I can also see what professionals mean they say a lot of your hunger feelings are actually dehydration!!

3. Think before I eat 
We all do it, reaching for the first thing you can see when you come back from work/university then being bewildered why all those sit ups and squats aren't showing any results. I am very bad for doing this, especially when sitting at my desk at work, hence why I've now replaced the chocolate in my bag with a nut jar sat on my desk full time. I'm trying to eat more vegetables with my meals, who knew a plate could look so colourful?! 

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