Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Things 2015 taught me

I've toyed with this post for the past week or two, is it too 'new year new me'? Is it too soon  to reflect?! What if something astronomical happens between now and the last day of 2015?
In reality, I flipped a coin to decide to post this and here we are!
2015 has been a year of mini victories for me - I had my left hip reconstructed so that it was actually a functioning hip;
 I can safely say without a shadow of a doubt that this was the best thing to happen to me in 2015, who knew a working hip could feel so good?! My surgeon was fantastic and the nurses in recovery were wonderful to me in my drug induced state.
I also began to take my fitness a hell of a lot more seriously - all thanks to my surgeon again as he said my hip wouldn't work to full capacity if I didn't take good care of my body and not become a 'couch potatoe' as he called some of his other patients!
To quote Dumbledore “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” 
This year I have tried to put a positive spin on everything - that sickness bug I've had for the past two days? At least it didn't happen Saturday! The powercut in my apartment that made the house alarm trip and not switch off? At least we know it works!
2015 also taught me that sometimes, only your favourite pet will cheer you up and that's okay ;
I can safely say I am "the crazy dog lady" amongst my friends - I have him as my screensaver on every electronic device I own and will mention him at least once a day.
Finally, 2015 taught me that everything will fall in to place, and if it doesn't, then better things are around the corner - whilst applying for placements for my degree I was convinced I would get a certain placement and when I didn't, I felt like the biggest failure. Fast forward to now and I am in love with my placement, the people and the organisation. I can safely say I love my work and the thought of not being there this time next year to return to my final year of university is a sad one!

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