Sunday, 22 November 2015

Protein World Slender Blend review

 I'm sure everyone remembers the controversy over Summer of that billboard advertisement in the underground from Protein World that saw people questioning 'what is beach body ready?'.
Well, Protein World have several strands to their bow and one of them is The Slender Blend. It comes in several flavours and I picked the chocolate one after seeing an awful lot of positive reviews about it. 
I have to say before I continue, I don't use this as a meal replacement for my lunch or dinner, I have it for my breakfast as it fills me up for a solid 5/6 hours - am I the only one who can never be satisfied at breakfast? I wake up hungry and, until drinking this, would always still feel hungry even if I ate a lot. 
I absolutely love this drink! It tastes exactly like chocolate milkshake and blends incredibly smoothly. The instructions say to have 4 scoops of powder in a glass full of water/milk but I'm always going to be a milk fan! Thankfully within the tub there is a scoop which saves the hassle of having to faff around with measuring!
For a preworkout drink I have two scoops of the Slender Blend and two scoops of my diet Whey from PhD - perfect!
It's £32 for a tub and has around 33 servings in it - I was a bit put off by the price at first but I will definitely be buying it again!
To check it out for yourself go to their website - 
Disclaimer ; this isn't a paid post, I just love the stuff!!


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