Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Review: MyFitnessPal app

So a while ago I decided to document my eating habits for two weeks straight with MyFitnessPal to see what the hype was about. 
I always thought I ate a lot, however I had some startling results from the apps calorie counter. One feature I'd like to point out is the barcode scanner so that you can scan in the food you've eaten to have the most accurate results in terms of calories, salt content, fat etc. 

The app is incredibly simple to use, you simply add your meals to the diary and at the end of the day it'll show you the percentage of what you consumed in regards to how much was fat, how much was protein and how much came from carbs, 
This was one of my better days - who knew that you could eat so much fat and not realise?!
However, after two weeks I was glad to be rid of the app. I started to find myself getting anxious about adding foods and seeing how much fat I was consuming. I'd pick up a packet of crisps and then quickly put them back down because I didn't want to have too much fat. For some people this may be a good thing, but for me the anxiety was too much and I slowly began to resent the app. 
If you want to track your macros and calorie intake, then this is the app for you, but if you find you're likely to become obsessed with it then give it a miss. 
Would I use it again? Maybe. I actually really enjoyed the macro viewer as it made it easier to view things and it showed me how many calories I had to play with each day, but the sinking feeling when it came to putting in the 'sneaky' foods was very disheartening!

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