Saturday, 12 September 2015

Why the "do it now" attitude is the best attitude you could ever adopt

When I woke up this morning, it was miserable outside. I was actually woken up by the rain and wind outside before my alarm went off, and that set me off in a grumpy mood as I fussed round my apartment. 
Do I really have to go outside today? Maybe I could just leave my chores til tomorrow...
This was the thought in my head as I ate my breakfast and browsed the tv channels, trying to decide whether to postpone my little chores outside of the house today in favour of sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea, the blanket my nan knitted me and the x-country. 
By the time I made it back home I was soaked through and cold but I had all of the shopping I needed and my last minute supplies for my new marketing placement. 
I always try and adopt the "do it now, not later" attitude, as an awful lot of the time 'later' can become never.
It always baffles me when people use the phrases "oh well I won't start my diet until next week" "I will leave it until the last minute" and "well I haven't stuck to my exercise/diet plan so i'm just going to stop and try again in a month or two".
Let's be honest, we have all said something similar to the above phrases at least once in our lives! I know I have. I had a funny awful habit around exam period to start my revision on the hour, and if it went even two minutes over, I would decide to wait until the next hour to start my revision.
 Was this productive?  No.
Was it destructive? Yes.
My logic now is that the quicker you start something, the quicker you will get in to the swing of things and set it as a routine. I've set up an exercise and food plan for when I start my marketing placement so that I don't start cutting corners and either avoiding exercising "oh but I'm tired" or binge eating takeaway "well I need the food right now, so I might as well order a takeaway instead of waiting for my food to cook".

If you honestly want something, then get started now.
I've done all my chores for the day which means that I'm tucked up under my blanket watching tv whilst filling in my notebook for Monday so that I'm fully prepared for the week ahead. I'm a big believer in preparing for most outcomes so that I can still perform to my best. 

I hope this has inspired you to pick up the "do it now" attitude and see how quickly it becomes a natural response to situations! 

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