Thursday, 10 September 2015

Nike Running : App Review

I know that I've done a review on this app before, but since it has upped its game in the past year, I decided to give in another review for those avid runners out there!
I must admit that I didn't download this app through choice, it was already on my iPhone when I bought it but every time I go for a run, be it outdoors or on the treadmill, I always use this app.
The start up screen is the one above, which shows you the total miles (which I find very motivating!), your total runs and your average pace - I'd like to point out my average pace is very low due to slowly building up on an injury!!
If you have a login account with Nike Running then you have all of the above options available to you, with challenges to motivate you to run faster/longer and a coach to push you along when you're faultering! The 'activity' button allows for you to look back over all your runs and allows you to add notes and photos to your runs.
 If you opt to run outside then you can see your route, how fast/slow you ran and then allows you to share it with ease on to other social media platforms - very nifty if you want to be able to share things quickly!

-It's very accurate with its distances and average speeds which I found lacking in other apps!
- Everything is easy to find and once you've signed up you can challenge your friends to running to keep you extra motivated
- You can check your average pace, distance and calories burned which is perfect for those just starting out!

-The only negative to this, which is really just me being fussy, is that when you slow down to a fast walk it pauses your workout so you have to keep a pretty solid pace for it to recognise you're moving.

And there we have it, the Nike Running app. 
Overall I would definitely suggest that people use this as a great starter app if they aren't sure that they want to buy a fancy watch to monitor running.   

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