Sunday, 20 September 2015

Fitting the time in to maintain a healthy lifestyle

"I don't have time" is one of the most common excuses for not eating properly or skipping a trip to the gym. I know it because I've said it a lot before. 
I don't have time because I have lectures. 
I don't have time because I have work. 
I don't have time because I'm in a rush. 
Now, let's be honest, most of the time you 'don't have time' you do actually have plenty of time, you just haven't prioritised. 
Last week I started a full time marketing placement. Fortunately for me, it's next to the gym I use. Unfortunately for me, it's also next to a canteen full of fast food, fried chicken and "fat friday's" is an actual thing in my office - takeaway food is expected on a Friday lunchtime. 
In order to stop myself running to the canteen and straight in to the arms of fried chicken, I've started meal prepping and taking my lunch in to work in a tupperware box, complete with some healthy snacks to graze on at my desk.
I'm very lucky that my office has a microwave and a fridge, so if I have rice or chicken for my meals I don't have to worry about it being stuck in my bag for 5 hours before consuming it. 
Meal prepping has become easy for me to pick up as I make an extra portion of my dinner the night before and then have that for my lunch, it's easy but very effective with avoiding cravings. 
As of tomorrow I'm starting the gym again, and will be going straight from work to there to make sure that i don't get home and then decide I don't want to move from the sofa. 
All of my gym clothes will fit in my bag which means for less carrying, what more could I need?!

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