Friday, 4 September 2015

Companion: Never Walk Alone app

 So today I was going to do a blog post on (probably) the best ever brownie recipe you would ever want or need. I had it all open on my laptop, ready to go, and then an article came up on my Facebook about a new app called Companion, available on Android and Apple phones. 
This instantly caught my attention as it's an app designed to keep you safe. 
Not an app to add fancy filters to photos, to collect candy or to match you with a potential boyfriend/girlfriend - an app to keep you safe. 
As i've already mentioned, it's coming up to Freshers in the UK and I feel this is a perfect time to suggest girls and boys alike download this app.
It was initially set up for American students but has now come over to the UK due to it's success (because of this when you register your mobile number make sure to replace the first '0' of your number with '44' as that is the UK area code). 
The app is designed to be a 'walking buddy' and allows you to pick several walking 'buddies' who virtually track your movements until you reach your final destination. If you suddenly start running, deviate from your destination or have the headphones pulled from the audio jack then it gives you 15 seconds to press a button on screen to show it was a mistake or an alert goes out to your companions. 
The "I feel nervous" button allows your companions to know you don't feel comfortable where you are and 'alert mode' will let you either call the police or alert your friends who can call them for you along with your location. 
I think this is a fantastic idea as I used to go to work in the dark and then finish work in the early hours. If anything, it's peace of mind for you and your friends that you're okay!
Heaven forbid you ever needed to use it, but I will be keeping this on my phone, just in case.


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