Wednesday, 26 August 2015

University meals: chorizo & red pepper risotto

Whilst at university, the line "I can't afford to eat proper meals, I'll just buy a Pot Noodle" has been uttered a good 30-40 times - seriously. 
I'll admit my diet was shoddy when I first moved to uni, but now I make decent meals to make sure that my stomach doesn't rumble in lectures and I don't feel faint at work or the gym. 
Risotto is one of my favourite meals to make at uni, especially when it only needs one deep wok to cook everything in. To make the risotto you will need..

 (the below served 3 portions with a bit to spare)
100g arborio risotto per person 
1 whole red pepper
1 vegetable stock cube 
130g diced chorizo 
knob of butter 
pinch of salt and pepper
herbs to season 

Not only is it easy to prepare, but it can be put in a tupperware container in the fridge and eaten on the go! 
I used to work in a nightclub which wasn't far from a McDonalds which meant that at 2am it became hard to resist the fatty food that Ronald had to offer. Not only was this bad for my waist line but also very bad for my pocket! After a while I began to make extra portions of my meals and take it to work so that whilst everyone else was shoving burgers and chips in to their mouths, I was consuming a much healthier meal. 
To make the risotto follow these simple instructions..

1. Boil up 1.5 pints of vegetable stock in a jug and put to one side 

2.  Add a knob of butter to your wok and allow it to melt before putting your risotto rice in to the wok and coating it with the melted butter. Once it is all coated slowly add your vegetable stock 250ml at a time to allow it to absorb - keep it on a low heat, it doesn't need to be high!

3. Cut up your pepper in to small chunks and add that and the diced chorizo to your now cooking risotto rice. Add a very small amount of salt (the chorizo will make it slightly salty to taste), pepper and some herbs to season. 

4. Continue to add your vegetable stock once the previous amount has been absored in to the rice and stir gently every now and then.

5. After 20/25 minutes the rice should begin to soften so make sure to keep tasting it!

6. Once the risotto has completely softened, take it off the hob and serve. 


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