Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hip surgery : 3 months on

As I documented earlier in the year, in January I had surgery to repair part of my left hip which had become increasingly worse over the previous year. 
I had a riding accident back in 2007 that the surgeons think caused the damage to both my hip sockets, meaning that the labral needed reconstructing and part of my hip socket shaving down as it had chipped under the pressure of my accident. 
Both my hips are injured, however my left seemed to take the brunt of it far worse, so the left has been done first.
So, three months on, was it worth it?
In a word, yes. 
Absolutely. 100%. 
I'm not going to say it's been easy, especially as I still can't run and my glutes are very weak which means I tire quite quickly, but the joy of not having my hip give out on me when i'm standing up far outweighs any slow down in my running or the scars I now have at the top of my thigh and hip.
Full recovery takes 9-12 months, something which I scoffed at the morning after my hip surgery as my hip felt fantastic - even the surgeon was amazed at how much flexion I managed to have less than 24 hours after he'd been rummaging around in my hip socket. 
The procedure was done through keyhole surgery, which is why I was able to be up and hopping around on my crutches so quickly, but the recovery would still take just as long as regular surgery due to how much they had done to my hip internally. 
I would definitely recommend surgery to anyone who has been offered it, the thought of scarring or time off work may be off putting (they advised me 6 weeks as I have an active job, however I took nearly 8 due to time constraints), but it feels like I have an entirely new hip - and lease of life. 

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