Saturday, 3 January 2015

"New Year, new me" gym users

Let's be honest now, we all know it's going to happen. The inevitable. 
It happens every year, doesn't it? The "new year, new me!" gym users. The ones that, once the gym opens at the start of the new year, they're there. In their fancy, just bought, running trainers which are in pristine condition and every gadget and contraption you could ever need strapped to their wrists and chests. 
The new gym users. 
The ones who you find using your running machine, the same running machine you've been using all year without interruption, the one that always stands empty whenever you go in. Yeah, that one. 
But now, there's someone else on it, do they not know that that's your trusty piece of equipment?! Do they not know it allows you a perfect vantage point of the whole gym to people watch? No, of course they don't. And yet, i've seen several status' already about regular gym goers getting wound up by the influx of new gym users, whinging about how they're "taking over" the equipment and how they can't get to the squat rack now because too many people are hanging around by it. 
News flash for you people, that rowing machine you've used all your without interruption, it isn't yours! That bike you've used all year? Yeah, that's not yours either. 
Instead of blasting them on social media, why not offer to lend a helping hand? Teach them how to get to grips with the equipment if they look a bit lost? That way, they'll be on it quicker instead of faffing around and you may also make a friend! 
It can be daunting starting at a new gym and not knowing what the equipment does, and trying to put on a "it's okay i've got this" expression whilst you're desperately trying to figure out how to adjust the height or weight set of a machine whilst people are looking over at you like you've just shot their dog. 
So, next time you feel yourself wanting to roll your eyes at the steady stream of people you've never seen before, think back to when you first started, and hold them eyeballs from rolling! 

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