Saturday, 7 November 2015

Polar M400 review

Is it hi or hey?
Either way, this post was due to go up about two weeks ago as I excitedly pulled my swanky new Polar M400 watch from its box and admired it's sleek design. 
The set up was ridiculously easy, it came with a user manual but it guides you through each step, asking for your age, gender, height, weight and average exercise per week - so far so good. 
I strapped it on, grabbed my other heart rate sensor wouldn't pair.
Nada, nothing. No pairing. 
After many attempts at contacting Polar after a very confusing website, it turned out that the Polar M400 only works with the Polar H7 sensor...the really bloody expensive sensor. So, £50 and a lot of heart ache later, I ordered the H7, what choice did I have?

 This is the offending item, apparently no other strap or sensor will work with the M400 so i wouldn't definitely suggest that everyone knows this before buying! 
The M400 was a gift to me from my mum and sister, and I can't help but feel a little sorry for them, and me, for not knowing that the 'additional extra' of the sensor with the watch was in fact, an essential - sigh. 
Anyway, on to better things!
After getting over the fact I had to buy the H7 I decided to finally put it to the test, 

 (Disclaimer, I was using the Kayla Itsines BBG guide whilst using the watch, I stopped after around 15 minutes as my hip went in to spasm but for anybody wanting a full body workout - Kayla is your girl!!) 
The watch, once paired with the sensor, is amazing. Seriously, I love it. 
I used to use the FT7 and had many issues with it, but the M400 is sleek, quick and very accurate. It beeps loudly when your heart rate gets too high and lets you track your heart rate zone in a very easy screen interface.
The settings allow for indoor running and cycling, other indoor activites (think circuits and swimming), outdoor cycling and outdoor running. The outdoor activities have a GPS which fires up very quickly and allows you to see your daily percentage of exercise achieved. 
Overall, I would happily recommend this to my friends and family (but I would make sure they knew about the sensor!!) , it's so easy to use that I could probably give it to my mum to use and she could probably work it with very little prompting...unlike her tablet..